My formal introduction to photography came while serving as a naval intelligence specialist where I worked with classified hand-held, aerial, and space-based reconnaissance imagery. After receiving a degree in computer science and beginning a career in information technology I returned to university to study fine art where I discovered the potential of merging my technical knowledge of photography with artistic theories and methods.

The Internet emerged early in my career and revolutionized the way people interact with information, technology, design, and imagery. My background and education inevitably drew me to a career in website development where each of my skills could be integrated and applied.

I further developed my technical and creative skills in the marketing industry, working with a wide range of brands and industries and, ultimately, started my own marketing and creative agency. In addition to the agency, my partners and I launched a stock photography service which offers the industry's most extensive coverage of locations along the Gulf of Mexico.

My commercial photography work includes lifestyle, travel, concert, product, aerial, and fashion photography and my photographs have been published in magazines in North America and Europe and have been used in national branding and advertising campaigns.

My personal interests center on the natural world and I gravitate toward the types of photography requiring either a high level of technical skill or a high level of timing: Creating images based on complex camera and lighting techniques or capturing fleeting moments with images that cannot be easily or consistently recreated.

I live in Fort Walton Beach, Florida with my fiancé Jessica, Wirehair dachshunds Ham and Sprocket, and African grey parrot Pork.

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