About - Bill Weckel


I'm an American photographer—living on Florida's Gulf Coast and working for a creative agency. Photography is both a hobby and a profession. My commercial photography is primarily in support of our agency's clients and includes lifestyle, product, editorial, fashion, and real estate work. My personal interests lie in wildlife, macro, high-speed, landscape, and fine art photography.

My love for photography developed while serving in naval intelligence. After my initial intelligence training, I was selected to continue on to train as an Advanced Imagery Analyst and  work with reconnaissance imagery produced by space- and aircraft-borne cameras and sensors. When deployed, I produced intelligence imagery using traditional hand-held film camera systems and specialty lenses up to 1,200mm. Although I later reoriented into an operational intelligence role, my interest in photography—particularly the technical aspects of it—never waned.

My work has been published in magazines, journals, and on websites in both the U.S. and abroad, and some of my collections are available for purchase as fine art prints and commercial stock.


Some of my personal work is available for editorial use at no-charge. If you would like to use my photography in your next project, please feel free to contact me to discuss usage rights,  licensing, and accreditation. For commercial inquiries and stock photography sales, please visit Gulfcoast Photography.

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